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Company Profile

Technique × confidence × Activity

We strive to maintain the balance of these three.
While working with various companies, we always strive to be confided as a "good company".
We believe in the importance of maintaining the balance of technique, confidence, and activity at the highest level. In particular, growing our technical knowledge and skills is crucial in dealing with the daily stream of new technologies for the base station installation work that our company performs.
From that, we can improve our technical skills, gain the confidence of our customers, and perform our actions with confidence.
Our company's philosophy is to continue repeating all the above and maintain the balance of the three at the highest level.
The needs of society change significantly with the changing era. Everything that we have done until yesterday may take a U-turn and make us waste everything.
Despite the need to be flexible in the changing time and needs, our company's principles remain the same.


We strive to be flexible in the changing times without changing the essence of our company's philosophy

Company Profile

Company Name TCA Co., Ltd./td>
Address ・Sendai Head Office
37-5 Uenonishi Tomta Taihaku-kuSendai Miyagi

・Tokyo Sales Office
9-4-1F Wakamatsu-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

・Sendai Head Office

・Tokyo Sales Office

Capital 10 million yen
Business Description Construction and management of mobile phone base stations
Preparation of various documents to be submitted to authoritative bodies
Design and installation business
Wind power generation business
Number of employees 23 people
Licenses ・Civil engineering business
・Jumping and civil engineering business
・Masonry business
・Electrician business
・Steel structure work
・Painting business
・Dredging work
・Water supply facility construction business

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Kinden Co., Ltd.
K&N System Integrations Co., Ltd.
KCCS Mobile Engineering Co., Ltd.
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Yurtec Co., Ltd.
Yamako Electric Manufacture Co., Ltd.

MEDIA CREATE Communications Co.,Ltd.

Sumitomo Densetsu Co.,Ltd.

Business Areas

Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi, Tochigi, Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima, etc.

Tokyo Sales Office

Sendai Head Office

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