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Business Activities


TCA Co., Ltd. is engaged in everything from the design, construction, and management of radio base stations in the area that ranges from Kanto to Tohoku regions.

We conduct our daily business by utilizing our rich knowledge and technologies that we have cultivated up to now. We respond quickly to any request, even for small installation works.


Construction of Wireless Base Stations

We offer one-stop support from the negotiation to the management of wireless (mobile) base stations and accept projects of any scale. ?
We take advantage of our abundant achievements and work flexibly.


Land Bureau (Tower)

Construction of a steel tower, installation and replacement of radio equipment and antennas attached to it


Building bureau

New installation and replacement work of radios and antennas including the rooftop of buildings and indoor commercial facilities


Land Bureau (concrete pillar)

Construction of concrete pillars, new installation and replacement of radios and antennas attached to them


Maintenance and Inspection of Wireless Base Stations

We offer inspection and maintenance services for mobile and PHS wireless base stations upon request from the operating companies. ?
We conduct inspections and maintenance during regular times, as well as repair work due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. We always strive to recover infrastructure in the event of a disaster quickly.


Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance of existing stations


Repair and maintenance of existing stations

We perform regular inspections of installation agencies throughout the year.


Other Works

We conduct various telecommunications works focusing on public works, such as wireless communication, surveillance systems, mobile phone base stations, and broadcasting facilities. We are also involved in wind power generation businesses.
Our employees possess many qualifications such as First Class On-The-Ground Special Radio Operator, Type 1 and Type 2 Electric Engineers, and others, allowing us to handle a wide range of telecommunication-related works.

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